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A render of Natuur Nano powder and liquid nanoemulsions splashing up on a black background

Flavorless, fast acting, & all natural

The first tasteless, odorless, vegan nanoemulsion. No bitter blockers, no compromise, just Natuur.
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Welcome to natuur

Your all in one infusion solution

Natuur Nano is our patent-pending nanoemulsion offered in both powder and liquid form. No flavor or bitter blockers means zero reformulation required to start infusing.


We get it: everyone claims they're flavorless. Our difference? Third party experts have confirmed we're the only truly flavorless one.

Plus, we're extract agnostic, so whatever formulations you want to use we've got you covered.

backed by science

We developed Natuur Nano with leading scientists and laboratories in food ingredient and infusion technology.

Natuur Nano has been extensively verified as a fast-acting, food-grade infusion solution with onset in as little as 10 minutes.

tried and tested

Natuur Nano is designed to be shelf, supply chain, heat, pH, and can liner stable for a minimum of 12 months.

Plus, we simplify your manufacturing process by turning extract into a ready-for-use ingredient that delivers consistent, fast-acting effects.


Seamlessly integrate Natuur Nano into your manufacturing process with one-step infusion.

Natuur Nano arrives fully tested for potency and requires no extra or specialized equipment to start infusing.



Revolutionize in three steps

We know you're busy running your business, so we've developed a streamlined process to make working with Natuur Nano as easy as can be.
Discovery Call

How can we assist?

Schedule an introductory call to learn more about how Natuur can help develop or improve your products. We'll walk through your product vision together and recommend the best solution to reach that goal.

the best testimony is your testimony

seeing is believing

If it looks like we can help and are able to work within your market, we'll ship out a sample kit so you can try Natuur Nano for yourself. After that, we'll jump into a quick bench run to try out Natuur Nano in your products.

your first batch

scale up & launch

We want to show you how simple, scalable, and efficient infusing with Natuur Nano really is. We'll provide direct support starting with your first low-quantity batch all the way up to full-scale production.

ready to try a sample for yourself?

Let's connect