Flavor-focused science
Natuur Nano™ was built by scientists with decades of experience in advanced infusion & ingredient delivery system technologies.

water soluble Solutions

Industry leading
flavor science

Our suite of water soluble liquids & instant dissolve powders using Natuur Nano™ deliver a bitter-free end product consumption experience, rapid onset and enhanced bioavailability. Created using only plant-derived components our ingredients are natural, vegan and allergen-free.
Example Use Cases
Drink Mixes
Pet Treats
food Product Solutions

Cutting edge
flavor mitigation

Designed to deliver high-potency dosages of active ingredients with zero bitterness or flavor, Natuur Nano™ food grade powder solutions are tasteless, natural and preserve the chemical integrity of critical voliatile components such as terpenes and other botanical compounds.
Example Use Cases
Pet Treats
custom formulations

Tailored solutions
for your product

Leverage Natuur Nano™ technology to develop a custom formulation of active ingredients with adjustable taste profile and potency bespoke to your project. Engage with our in-house scientists to design the optimal formula and format, either powder or liquid, for your product.
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get started
why natuur

Seamlessly build better products
Improve positioning and differentiation by using consistent, reliable & effective ingredients with true flavor neutrality.


Natuur Nano™ proprietary technology naturally enables bitter-free end products and adjustable levels of active ingredient flavor and terpene expression.


Built for long-term stability, our ingredients are designed to remain homogeneously dispersed in solution without separation or settling for a minimum of 12 months.


Designed for seamless integration into existing infusion processes, Natuur Nano™ was engineered to be compatible with a broad range of manufacturing systems.


Benefit from simple one-step infusion for homogenous distribution in-product and a narrow dosing concentration gradient for consistent and reliable effects.
natuur nano™ benefits

Performance powered by science

Neutralize Taste

Adjustable tuning of active ingredient flavor expression combined with bitterness mitigation enables end products to be free of unwanted off-flavors without use of bitter blockers.

Improve Effects

Proprietary nanoemulsion technology enhances absorption speed and uptake of active ingredients delivering rapid onset, increased bioavailability and increased transmissibility.

Dose Precisely

Ingredient potencies are optimized for consistent, precision dosing whether infusing at bench or production scale to deliver predictable and replicable end product effects.

Natural Ingredients

Active ingredients are combined with proprietary plant derived components to create 100% natural bioactive molecules free of common allergens or synthetic chemical additives.

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