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Revolutionary plant science
Natuur Nano™ is our delivery system that removes bitterness & increases bioavailability of traditionally challenging active ingredients.

multidiciplinary innovation

Naturally unlocking ingredient potential

At Natuur we are solely focused on creating new technologies that enable better tasting, more consistent and reliable infused products. Our motivation is simple: to pursue an all-natural approach to flavor focused ingredient infusion solutions.

Natuur Nano™ is the result of marrying our research of the body's gastrointestinal, integumentary and hepatic systems with decades of experience developing novel infusion and delivery system technologies. Natuur Nano™ leverages preexisting absorption pathways to enhance bioavailability, enabling rapid onset and increased ingredient efficacy.

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Applying deep knowledge of additives' molecular structures, we engineer proprietary formulas that stabilize and solubilize active ingredients to minimize impact on inputs' chemical integrity.
Food Science
Implementing best in class manufacturing techniques and unparalleled experience creating functional food products for global brands, Natuur Nano™ was built with tried, tested and proven technology.
Ingredient Research
With clinical-level experience developing delivery systems for a range of applications, we engineered Natuur Nano™ to enable rapid intake of bioactive molecules into circulation at optimal absorption points.
1. Particle Structure
Bioactive ingredients are broken down into nanoparticles and emulsified with our proprietary base formulations containing amphiphilic surfactant molecules. Surfactants' non-polar tails are attracted to the nanoparticles, enabling formation of micelles that mimic more absorbable non-lipid particles.
2. Water Solubility
Surfactants form nanoencapsulations around the bioactive core protecting interior lipids from degradation and oxidation. When surfactants compact and create an encapsulating shell, the exposed hydrophilic heads enable creation of colloidal suspensions when Natuur Nano™ is dispersed in solution.
3. Rapid Absorption
Hydrophilic nanoenapsulations' absorbability combined with nanoparticle sizes enable rapid transfer of bioactive ingredients into the bloodstream through sublingual absorption and luminal diffusion. Increased rate and quantity of transmission result in heightened lymphatic system uptake and distribution.
4. Delivery & Onset
More effective and efficient absorption result from increased bioavailability leading to rapid effect onset of active ingredients. By leveraging multiple transmission and diffusion touch points throughout the digestive process, Natuur Nano™ enables more bioactive material to reach its cellular destination in less time.
why natuur

Seamlessly build better products
Improve positioning and differentiation by using consistent, reliable & effective ingredients with true flavor neutrality.


Natuur Nano™ proprietary technology naturally enables bitter-free end products with adjustable levels of active ingredient flavor and terpene expression.


Built for long-term stability, our ingredients are designed to remain homogeneously dispersed in solution without separation or settling for a minimum of 12 months.


Designed for seamless integration into existing infusion processes, Natuur Nano™ was engineered to be compatible with a broad range of manufacturing systems.


Benefit from simple one-step infusion for homogenous distribution in-product and a narrow dosing concentration gradient for consistent and reliable effects.
natuur nano™ benefits

Performance powered by science

Neutralize Taste

Adjustable tuning of active ingredient flavor expression combined with bitterness mitigation enables end products to be free of unwanted off-flavors without use of bitter blockers.

Improve Effects

Proprietary nanoemulsion technology enhances absorption speed and uptake of active ingredients delivering rapid onset, increased bioavailability and greater transmissibility.

Dose Precisely

Ingredient potencies are optimized for consistent, precision dosing whether infusing at bench or production scale to deliver predictable and replicable end product effects.

Clean Ingredients

Active ingredients are combined with proprietary plant derived components to create natural bioactive molecules free of common allergens or synthetic chemical additives.

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